Pale Waves Dazzle With ‘Television Romance’

Pale Waves have been undoubtedly busy the past few months, writing, recording and touring the globe with record label partners, friends and international sensations, The 1975. ‘Television Romance’ comes as a follow up to their debut track ‘There Is A Honey’, its release has been a long time coming undeniably as the band have been road-testing and teasing this track for a while during their sets both at headline shows and the shows they’ve supported.

The distorted guitar intro bleeds into an electronic, synthetic mix in the classic, well known style the band follow. The melody throughout the entire track mixes this fun style as the band play live instruments alongside automated sounds, this creates the bubble gum sweet, pop sound which is craved in the music industry and loved by many music fans in the current scene. Although it’s a well used melodic plan which has been tried and tested across many eras, Pale Waves succeed to make it sound fresh, fun and energetic in their own unique way as they play with the production, mixing and instrumentation on their records under the skilful eye of George Daniels and Matty Healy from The 1975 fame.  The melody contains small flickers of the warped guitar line heard in the opening, this multiplies the atmosphere of the track and gives Pale Waves a certain sound and unique style which is extremely recognisable and distinct. The melody clears half way through, to reveal a subdued instrumentation and elevated lead vocals which are more coherent than previously within the track, this creates track development and further interest within the record as it’s somewhat unexpected. It’s obvious to hear that the band take careful care in how they build a song as the record runs completely smooth and hits hard exactly where expected.

Heather’s vocals are sugary sweet and contain a certain amount of youthfulness due to their pitch, this raises the lyrics surrounding adolescence and the exciting events that occur as you develop through it, making them ever more prevalent. Pale Waves’ lyricism is fun, vivid, joyful and contains a certain amount of freshness and liveliness, perfect for the nights spent with friends creating unforgettable memories!

Due to their recent signing to well known, independent, London based record label, Dirty Hit, they join the strong team behind artists such as The Japanese House, Wolf Alice and The 1975, there’s no doubt that Pale Waves are also set for similar success as they work alongside their label pals to relentlessly tour and prepare for world domination and fame with their happy-go-lucky pop records.

The band also have a lengthy tour in the works, it will see them travel all across the UK and Europe playing brand new, unheard tracks alongside some well known, favourites such as, ‘There Is A Honey’ and ‘Television Romance’ to thousands of loving fans across a number of cities. These shows will be very special and it’s set to be a notable tour for the up and coming four piece.


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