Taylor Swift ‘Ready For It’ Song Review

Country Princess turned Pop Icon goes Hip Hop with her newest track ‘… Ready For It’ and we have mixed thoughts about it…

Taylor Swift’s album art work from her Instagram

Rejoice, as the Queen of Pop is back and we were born ready to hear this comeback track of hers! A track that actually has a catchy melody, contrary to her very controversial single ‘look what you made me do’ which divided critics and fans alike and we don’t blame’em!

The opening of this track definitely takes you by surprise and makes you stop and truly ponder ‘Is that Taylor rapping or rather attempting to rap?’ As rapping, is most definitely not what you’d expect from a once labelled country princess to a now well renowned Pop Queen. But, kudos to her for trying even if it sounds a little odd and foreign coming from her. But, foreign it is most certainly not for long, as after hearing the song a couple of times you get accustomed to it and you start to somewhat tolerate and enjoy the hip-hop/rap element that Taylor takes on but more from a comical sense.

But, what makes this song so Taylor-esque, is of course the clues about her life and relationships that you can decode from her lyrics like “Younger than my exes / but he acts like such a man”. A line which seems to be alluding to her speculated relationship with Joe Alwyn. However, something that Taylor is very clearly alluding to is sex when she passionately and seductively bursts into the chorus “In the middle of the night, / in my dreams / you should see the things we do, / baby”. This line echoes Taylor’s new direction of ditching her ‘cookies and cream’ image into a more sexy and darker one.

The sexy and seductively sung chorus with the pinches of suspense here and there are what draw you in.  That’s what makes this track of hers so dark and alluring like this persona or rather ‘reputation’ that she is playing up to in her hotly anticipated upcoming album Reputation.

Overall, the song has a seductive, catchy and a sing along type of chorus that leaves you on a high and makes you hit the reply button like there is no tomorrow. But, the creative risk that she took with the rapping is a risk she should never repeat. So, fingers crossed she doesn’t do any more of it on her album. Still, this song is miles better than her single with its sexy and catchy chorus although it still does not beat any of her tracks off 1989. But, we’ve got to wait till Nov 10th to be proved wrong of course.

Rating: 3/5 Stars

By Rama Alsammouah (@livanessa79)


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