Beach Fossils takeover The Haunt

As Beach Fossils came onto the stage and began their first track of the night, the audience was brought alive by a sudden mosh pit. Kicking off the show was Generational Synthetic. Beach Fossil’s stage presence was charismatic and amusing. They filled the pauses in between songs to joke about. Continuously, they played hit after hit as the crowd fell into a pit, constantly lifting crowdsurfers above them.

A few songs later they played Down The Line, which was clearly a fan favourite. The entire performance of the band was phenomenal. During Sugar, the whole crowd sang every word back to the band. As the set progressed, the audience did not seem to tire as energy buzzed between them and the band. Once the astonishing performance of Closer Everywhere came to an end, Beach Fossils exited the stage. Instantly, a chant for an encore began.

Re-entering the stage, they brought The Haunt back to life with Crashed Out. Afterwards, they did a brief cover of Wonderwall with the lead singer of the opening band. To conclude their exceptional set was Daydream. The crowd surged forward as the stage became the new pit. By the end of the song the stage was taken over by an invasion of the audience.

100% would recommend you attend a Beach Fossils show the next time they play near you. Unbelievably talented live and create a immense and remarkable atmosphere within the audience.


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