Trudy and the Romance “Is there a place I can go” Review

The only question this song leaves me asking is “Is there a place I can’t go?”, Trudy and the Romance seem to have this surreal possibility to transport me to an old coffee stained polaroid beach in the mid 1950’s, if you listen to the song you’ll know exactly what I mean.

This most recent addition differs slightly from the bands’ earlier releases as it sports slightly lighter vocals and a less ‘grungy’ or deep feel. For example in “Sandman”, released by the band in 2016, the song is supported by a heavier repetitive bass line that gives the song a more manic and depressing tone which contrasts to the light acoustic backing guitar of “Is there a place I can go”.

With the rise of musicians like Mac Demarco and Will Joseph Cook who utilise their dreamy guitars, creative lyrics and unforgettable vocals, this band is definitely going to grow in popularity as their sound fits the independent music scene in the united kingdom as well as the last puzzle piece of a nostalgic jigsaw.

The opening bars of the song consist of a sweet piano medley that almost makes you feel like you’re falling into the song and not just listening to it, it is then followed by a calming strumming of a guitar in which Oliver Taylor, the lead singer, begins to sing in a beautifully melancholic way “Darling leave the light on for me, I can’t sleep”. This line in particular seems to elude to the tone of the song itself. To me this seems to be a heartbreaking yet also relaxing tone.

The sudden build that is the chorus falls on the word “Go” as Taylor sings the title line, pounding drums last for only a couple of bars as  extended singing (almost crying) out from Taylor creates a stunning harmony that is accompanied by backing vocals that are almost reminiscent of The Beach Boys.

The music fades away in a persisting and steady drum beat that allows you to come out of the world that the song has just taken you to, it’s an emotional modern take on the sea-side music that rocked the 50’s and 60’s. Overall the band has produced an exciting and promising insight into their upcoming EP being released on November 17th. It’s the perfect coming of age meets never growing up sound.


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