Essex lad Freak releases his brand new EP ‘No Money No Honey S**t Job Not Funny’

Following up from the release of single ‘No Money’ FREAK is back with his second EP ‘No Money No Honey S**t Job Not Funny’ including the single, and three new tracks – ‘I Don’t’ ‘Look Away’ and ‘Darling, Is Your Head Right?’.

Jumping straight in with heavy guitar and fast lyrics, ‘No Money’ brings memories of mosh pits during his set at Leeds Festival and the crowd screaming the EP title “You’ve got no money, no honey, a s**t job and nothing’s funny”. The song promises another EP of Slaves-style rock and rap mixed with the rhythms of classic indie pop, a sound that makes FREAK so unique among the upcoming artists of today.

‘I Don’t’ continues the rock vibes, coming in with a bouncing rhythm and then mellowing into the true start of the song with steady guitar riffs in the background and short, stated lyrics. The chorus is one that rowdy crowds will love, as Sam Mumford shows off on the drums, preluding the chorus with some impressive solos.

Third in the EP is ‘Look Away’, filled with guitar solos from Connar and steady shouting vocals, this may be my favourite song from the EP. It’s energy makes me desperate to see it live, I can picture the crowd jumping along as I listen. The ending is a dramatic one as Connar plays an epic guitar solo to close.

Finally, is ‘Darling, Is Your Head Right?’ another exhibit of FREAKS mix of genres, as their lively chorus blends into rhythmic bass that gives me vibes of 70s rock. John Downham gets his own feature as Connar and Sam cut out and a suspense builds as the bass plays a few quiet riffs, interrupted by the scream of guitar shredding. We return to the steady 70s bass to close and the EP cuts out in one final strum.

Listen to ‘No Money No Honey S**t Job Not Funny’ here:

Spotify –
iTunes –



Featured image from bands official store.
Words by Isabella Proudfoot.


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