RINSE release their debut EP ‘We Need To Talk’

RINSE are becoming a well known psych-rock band from Stoke – we have covered them a few times over here at Let It Happen and every time we nab a piece of their music or material we fall in love with them even more and we become eager to write about it. You may think I am bias for swooning over their music as I am from Stoke myself, but once you get a taste of RINSE there is honestly no going back. Their new EP ‘We Need To Talk’ is made up of three gritty and self reflective songs which scream ‘personal’ in your face while listening, but that’s what makes it pleasing to your ears.

RINSE have always produced gritty, memorable songs and they have stuck to the same psych-rock power they usually conduct – aside from keeping their usual bouncy beats, they had progressed musically and experimented with touches of shoegaze elements in ‘Velvet’, which is the third song of their debut EP .

‘More Than Friends’, the first track on the EP starts with an immense build up which gives a huge insight to what ‘We Need To Talk’ is about – and that is small and fragile build up’s to bulky riffs and beats. You’d never tell that RINSE are only getting started as they have improved even more so since their last single ‘Still Wouldn’t Call’, you’d expect a smaller band to improve slightly as they grow and progress, but RINSE are improving drastically, at the rate of knots, really.

I interviewed them not so long ago (a few months ago, maybe) and they told me that this EP would be special and personal to them, they would make encounters with their feelings a bit more but create a piece of art that people can sing to and have a cheeky boogie to. Lacing their personal thoughts and lives into their psych-rock styled music is a perfect combination and is clearly working out.

Good fucking luck boys!


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