Interpol- Our Love to Admire: 10 Years On

It’s been 10 years since New York post-punk pioneers Interpol treated us to their now critically acclaimed third album Our Love To Admire, their first major-label release and arguably the commercial pinnacle of their career.

To celebrate, the band (in conjunction with Gavin Lurssen) have remastered the beloved classic, in addition to releasing 3 special edition sets; including a two-LP vinyl set with bonus live DVD of their 12-song performance at the London Astoria on July 2, 2007, recorded just before the album’s release- including both tracks from it, and older fan-favourites.

Emerging from New York during the late 90’s from the then thriving American indie-rock scene alongside bands such as The Strokes and The National came Interpol- their melancholic sound was a force to be reckoned with. Our Love to Admire brought them more into the limelight than they’d ever experienced before 15 years after debut Turn On The Bright Lights (celebrated by a huge tour this year); it showed us a more polished side to Interpol that’s led them to the admiration they still face today.

It’s clear to see the post-punk influences throughout the album. In opening track Pioneer to The Falls alone ominous sounding guitars and gloomy vocals radiate a Joy Division-esque vibe; something that at the time felt unreplicated in the American scene. Even as the album draws to a close with The Lighthouse, it’s very much a similar mood, yet somehow even darker- this time more atmospheric with layered strings over haunting vocals. However, the bands gothic style doesn’t feel draining, with lighter (but no less angsty) tracks such as The Heinrich Maneuver providing us with punchy, melodic riffs and a chorus that doesn’t sound out of place on mainstream radio, all without the band losing their edge.

When listening, the impact they’ve had over so many bands since smacks you straight in the face. British bands like The Horrors, Spector and even (especially in their more downtempo tracks) The Vaccines are all reminiscent of what Interpol have brought to us. With every track as dramatic and soul shaking as the last, Our Love to Admire as a whole is a classic not only for fans of the band, but for the entire genre; it’s hazy, seductive darkness continuing to be loved by many, a cornerstone of the band in all their miserable glory.

Words by Alice Browne

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