Ten Tonnes – Cracks Between

Ethan Barnett aka Ten Tonnes is back with new single, Cracks Between, his second body of work in collaboration with Hugo White, former guitarist from much loved band, The Maccabees. The track bleeds charisma, it’s sharp, sassy and bold, perfectly displaying he is an artist to keep an eye out for in the future.


The into is booming, catching your attention directly and quickly with its clean cut, hard hitting guitar lines, displaying both Ethan’s sheer instrumental  talent and Hugo’s as the tracks production is razor sharp down to the very fine details. The entire track revolves around the lead guitar and Ethan’s powerful voice, both run perfectly alongside each other and despite there being backing from other instruments, the track is so sharp and focused that your attention remains on the sturdy vocals and guitar line.  The melody develops a jumpier, less constricted movement as the track goes on , developing the record and expanding its possibilities as a piece of work, it’s evident that sonically, Ethan has developed as an artist with each release and has grown to be more accomplished as time goes on.

The songwriting is clever, quirky, joyful and bright. Despite its subject matter being that of a failing relationship between two people and the ‘Cracks Between’ them, the highly upbeat melody slightly diverts you from the downbeat yet relatable lyrics. It is a track that flows so easily and so casually,  you cant help but feel like this is all natural to Ethan, second nature as if he was a born singer-songwriter who is truly at the top of his game currently.

Ethan Barnett will be an artist who will no doubt further develop with his future releases, his unique sound and style is unlike that of anyone else in the popular, current, indie scene and the next few years will be interesting for him as he delivers brand new EPs and hopefully, a debut album.


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