Superfood’s ‘Bambino’

On Friday, Birmingham duo Superfood released ‘Bambino’, their second album and it’s even better than their first. A lot has happened in the three years of making ‘Bambino’ for the now almost completely different band but I definitely believe it’s all been for the best. Whist their 2014 debut ‘Don’t Say That’ was an extremely good debut, it was always following that cliche generic indie sound that so many bands share in common. It appears that musicians Dom Ganderton and Ryan Malcolm have really found their style and I couldn’t be happier for them.

The thirteen track album kicks off with groovy ‘Where’s The Bass Amp?’ that begins with a 90s vibe sample that sounds like it could make the cut for the soundtrack of a street dancing film. The song sounds very melodic with its various synths and bass collaborating beautifully. Next up is the band’s second released single ‘I Can’t See’ which is absolutely gorgeous for showing off lead singer Dom’s vocals off, however I do curse Superfood, purely for the devastation I feel when I try to hit the high notes of this song. As one of the slower tracks off of the album, it has a very chilled out vibe to it but still one that you feel that you can sway your head to in a feeling of content to its polished rhythm.

Up next is ‘Unstoppable’ which is probably my favourite track from ‘Bambino’. For the really lovely story of how I came to hear the song. To shorten the story, I went to Truck Festival back in July (it was absolutely fab!) and this song was released as a single a few days prior, I hadn’t had chance to listen to it before we went but obviously it was on their setlist. Superfood played one of the sweatiest sets of that weekend and when they began to play the infectious rift of this song, it was as if something had clicked with the crowd. Almost every person knew the words and the crowd absolutely lost their shit. Every time I hear this song, I can just picture the wild crowd and it makes me so happy, it is impossible not to love it.

‘Wibble Mtn’ is the shortest song off of the album with only 1:22 minutes of what feels like a demo and an experiment of samples. Despite summer now coming to a draw, ‘Natural Supersoul’ is righteous of becoming as much of an all-time summer banger as Circa Waves’s ‘T-shirt Weather’. With its hazy electric rhythm and smooth synths, it is set apart as a masterpiece in itself as a stand alone piece.

‘Need A Little Spider’ sounds like it could be an old Superfood song through its use of the snazzy indie sound that we were once so used to hearing, that is not a criticism though. The band have developed this track into something bigger by combining old and new influences. ‘Raindance’ proves to be different to any other song from ‘Bambino’ again. Showing an almost underground and darker side to the quite clean album whilst still keeping to that signature funk that the band have now adopted.

‘Double Dutch’ is the ninth track on the album and was the band’s comeback single proved that the band could really make the whole laid-back groovy vibe work. It brought many new fans to the forefront along with enticing old ones back in. One of the slower ones ‘Shadow’ seems to be less appealing to me, it lacks the similar funky characteristics that the others all seem to share. I can appreciate how it has a darker tone and lyrics to it, however, I feel like I may have to hit skip on this one.

The second to last song is called ‘Witness’. A soft song that features fruity rifts and soothing harmonies that seem to disguise the song’s darker message of not being able to figure out how you feel and then passing it off as nothing. Lastly up is ‘Clo Park’ that weirdly enough reminds me of a distant sound of Childish Gambino and Bowie with the song’s fuzzy guitar rifts going on in the background. This song seems to be the perfect song to bring ‘Bambino’ to a close. It shows the progression of the tracks and seems to act like the nightlife of the album.

As far as I’m concerned, this is Superfood. This is who they were meant to be and they are brilliant.

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*Photos by Jono White.

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