The debut album from Bruno Major, ‘A Song for Every Moon’

After writing, recording and releasing a song a month for a year, what Bruno described as “the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life”, he has now collated each song into his debut album ‘A Song for Every Moon’.

The album begins with Bruno’s soft vocals over an acappella backing, in the gentle and earnest track ‘Wouldn’t Mean a Thing’. The second track, ‘There’s Little Left’, follows a steady, jazz rhythm with a beautiful, building chorus, and an atmospheric guitar solo which comes in before the end chorus.

‘The First Thing You See’ is the third, and my favourite, track on the album. The drum loop in the background gives a twist and makes it stand out from the other, more gentle tracks. Having heard multiple versions of this song, this one is my favourite as it’s evolved into a fully produced record.

Next up is ‘Easily’, living up to its name the song follows a relaxed vibe, focusing mainly on Bruno’s vocals and the easy-going accompanying guitar. The song contains another example of Bruno’s natural talent on the guitar as he jams before the final chorus, a skill he shows off in his live shows.

Another favourite of mine, ‘Home’ is earnest and beautiful, with raw vocals and a nostalgic feel about it. The song contains a mix of high, soft vocals and husky notes, and the song reaches an emotional high as Bruno sings “they were few and far between, we’re closer now than we’ve ever been”.

Track 6 is an up-tempo cover of Chet Baker’s ‘Like Someone in Love’. Modernised with a steady beat but keeping the jazz vibes, this is another guitar heavy track, yet some piano can also be heard in the background. On the other hand, the next track ‘Just the Same’ drops the guitar we’ve heard in the past few records and brings in Bruno’s piano playing skills. The chorus is yet another one of my favourite moments from the album, building with layers of Bruno’s voice as he sings “do your worst to me, test my loyalty”.

‘Second Time’ starts with more accapella and flows gracefully. I love the line “I was dangerously tangled, second time I met you, and now I’m so impatient to adore you” Bruno’s vocals are enough to carry the song along with the gentle, simple backing. We return to just Bruno and his guitar as he sings another song reminiscing on love with an emotional, building chorus as Bruno sings in earnest to his “Fair-Weather Friend” in this track of the same name.

The next is the most raw and gentle of the album, soft clarinets can be distinguished in the background but Bruno’s voice and his piano take the spotlight as he sings of ‘Places We Won’t Walk’. The song is delicate and bittersweet and almost like a lullaby. ‘Cold Blood’ was released in July and was my “summer anthem” the intricate backing and steady beats giving it an R&B vibe and making it the most modern off the album.

The final track, ‘On Our Own’ is the most emotional of the album alongside ‘Places We Won’t Walk’, yet rather than conveying the emotion only through Bruno’s vocals, the backing track is complex and intimate. It starts out with only the piano and builds as mesmerizing cello comes in halfway through the song and continues into a dramatic, beautiful close to the album. ‘On Our Own’ carries the deepest meaning and is the most personal out of the whole album as it was written by Bruno after the passing of his Granny.

Featured image courtesy of Cliché Mag.

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