Mercury Prize 2017 – Who are the Nominees?

With the 2017 Mercury prize TONIGHT, we take a look at who this years nominees are for this years converted music prize. Previous winners of the prize include, Suede, Pulp, Arctic Monkeys, James Blake, The xx and PJ Harvey who is the only artist to win the award twice.

This years nominated artists include a varied range of musical talents. From lesser known indie bands, to one of the biggest stars in the world. So lets get to know them a bit more shall we?

alt -J – ‘Relaxer’ 

The trio from Leeds are no stranger to the mercury prize. They won the award with their critically acclaimed debut album which was released in 2012. With the release of their third album, ‘Relaxer’ the band have experimented even further with more exhilarating sounds which make for one epic listen. With tracks such as ‘Deadcrush’, ‘Adeline’ and ‘In Cold Blood’ (not to mention a stunning cover of ‘House of the Rising Sun),the band have returned with an exceptional record with a deserved nomination.









Blossoms – ‘Blossoms’ 

We all know the story of these 5 Stockport lads. Their long awaited debut album was released last August and since then the band have been somewhat unstoppable. Selling out Castlefield Bowl, huge main stage appearances at both Reading and Glastonbury festivals, supporting The Courteeners at Old Trafford, and not to mention being voted our album of the year in 2016. Their rise has only just begun.

Dinosaur – ‘Together, As One’

The jazzy soundscapes of Dinosaur are next on the list. The four piece formed in 2010, and their debut album ‘Together, As One’ has led the band to be nominated as one of British Jazz bands of the year for 2017, and led to critical acclaim with their trumpet led, laid back vibes.

Ed Sheeran – ‘Divide’ 

Heres where things go a little off beat. Ed Sheeran who has become possibly the biggest pop star on the planet has found himself on this shortlist. To Everyones surprise… the talented pop star released his third album of his career ‘Divide’ this year and has already won multiple awards, and has smashed sales records. For him to be on this list is a surprise to everyone. In my opinion, there are more and better albums out there that could have taken his place.

Glass Animals – ‘How To Be a Human Being’ 

Another album that fell into our list of Albums of the year in 2016, Oxfords Glass Animals have risen to become one of the UK’s best new bands. Their second album, ‘How To Be A Human Being’ is a true celebration of joy and, well, being Human. Its fun, captivating and have transformed the band into one of the best in the country. Tracks such as ‘Life Itself’, ‘Pork Soda’ and ‘Youth’ all flow with imaginative soundscapes and joyous riffs. This is an album that really stands a chance.

J hus – ‘Common Sense’ 

British rapper and MC, Momodou Jallow, 21 has released his debut album and it has met exceptional critical acclaim. ‘Common Sense’ stretches the limits and boundaries of British rap and takes the genre that one step further. The record, released in May, is an revolution in the British rap world, and with tracks such as ‘Common Sense’, ‘Did You See’ and ‘Spirit’ we can all yell that J hus will become a rapping powerhouse sooner, rather than later.

Kate Tempest – ‘Let Them Eat Chaos’

Poet and rapper Kate Tempest has become a sorptive revolution in the music industry. Her poetic lyrics, and crazy electronic sounds combine to create tracks that cannot be forgotten. Her second album ‘Let The Eat Chaos’ is a powerful and politically driven record highlighting issues ranging from poverty, drugs and politics. The album itself is powerful and at times sends shivers down your spine. ‘Europe is Lost’, ‘Ketamine For Breakfast’ and ‘Don’t Fall In’ are the stand out tracks, from an album full of stand out tracks. For me, Kate tempest is the artist who deserves the prize the most. She’s risen so far and has become a powerful figure in the music industry. In my eyes, she is the real winner.

Loyle Carner – ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ 

Another artist who also stands a huge chance on winning the award is young MC Loyle Carner who has risen to become on the countries best new talents. His debut album has scored critical acclaim and has also collaborated and toured with fellow nominee Kate Tempest. His laid back subjective beats and extraordinary whitty and meaningful vocals make his brilliant debut one of the best this year.

Sampha – ‘Process’ 

The debut album from south London singer songwriter Sampha is a truly captivating and inspiring album. Its below blends of electronic and soul creates a stunning and melodic sounds which blows you away. His exceptional songwriting talents combine into ‘Process’ and create a stunning album. Its a record that i have fallen in love with since its release, with its electronic beats capturing my thoughts, not to mention samples stunning vocals.

Stormzy – ‘Gang signs & Prayers’

The rise of grime is still most apparent after Stormzy released one heck of a good album this year. His debut album topped the charts at number 1 and instantly became a ugly recognisable record. ‘Gang Signs & Prayers’ has become a Grime sensation and after Skepta’s victory in the mercury prize last year, could grime really get a back to back victory? its hard to tell but its a possibility.

The Big Moon – ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’

The glory of the mercury prize is having new and up and coming bands and artists feature on the awards. The Big Moon are an act i was usually surprised to find out were nominated. Their fabulous debut album has been rightfully selected to battle out with the big guys. Their debut album was released earlier this year and is one of the best debuts of 2017. The album itself is a “celebration of fun” and is arguably one of the best guitar records of the year.

The xx – I See You

The xx returned this year with their third album and yet again it failed to disappoint. Their second nomination, and possibly their second victory, The xx have confirmed themselves as one of the UK’s biggest acts, and quite possibly one of the best live acts in the country. Their blend of guitar and electronic sounds create some truly mesmerising tracks. This album is a tough one to beat, and may well stand victorious over the rest.

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