Queens of the Stone Age’s new album “Villains” Review

Even with Josh Homme’s side project “Eagles of Death Metal”,  Not hearing any new music from Queens of the Stone age for four years definitely drove me to  expect something spectacular from them, they certainly delivered, and gave us a moody and powerful album that I can only describe as being the love child of David Bowie and Wolfmother.

The opening track titled “Feet Don’t Fail Me” gradually builds into a driving riff heavy rhythm (A common trait with any music created by Josh Homme, the lead singer and guitarist) with the lyrics feeling auto biographical as he sings;

“I was born in the desert, May
Seventeen in seventy-three
When the needle hit the groove
I commenced moving
I was chasing what’s calling me”

Homme is a talented lyricist and definitely shows that in this album. The song “Head Like a Haunted House” really shows this off with a fast paced round of lyrics pushing the song forwards alongside fast strumming on the electric guitar and a constant unrelenting drum beat.

A strong album need an even stronger finish. Queens of the Stone Age conclude “Villains” with a track titled “Villains of Circumstance”, a slower more solemn track that feels like a reflection on everything we have previously heard, with haunting vocals of Homme saying “Only for you, to the beat of my footsteps in the night” drums then surprisingly come in to introduce a lighter chorus accompanied by a more upbeat sounding backing guitar and the lyrics “I’ll be forever yours” , only for the brief chorus to die back down into the quiet depressing verses.

In my opinion the song “Villains of Circumstance” was the perfect song choice to end the album with, it’s a diverse and emotional last chance to process the music we have just heard throughout the album.

I would highly recommend listening to Queens of the Stone Age if you’re looking for an emotional and powerful sound to experience, and anyone who want’s to broaden their ‘alternative’ rock listening spectrum with Homme having worked with Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner in his previous Queens of the Stone Age album “…Like Clockwork”.

November UK tour dates:

Saturday 18 – London SSE Arena Wembley
Sunday 19 – Manchester Arena
Tuesday 21  – London O2 Arena
Thursday 23 – Edinburgh Usher Hall
Friday 24 – Dublin 3Arena


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