New on the scene, indie-rock four piece ‘The Covasettes’ have announced their debut single “This Feeling”.

Not knowing what to expect from Manchester-based band ‘The Covasettes’, I’ve now found a favourite for the month. “This Feeling” is catchy and upbeat but heavy with guitar riffs, steady drum beats and rhythmic bass. Front man, Chris Buxton’s vocals fit perfectly with their style, his accent coming through and his voice strong and unusual, merging perfectly with the rock beats.  After only the second time listening to it I was already singing along to the chorus and imagining seeing them live.

I can see big things happening for ‘The Covasettes’, and they will definitely make a name for themselves on the indie scene. I’ll be looking out for live dates, and the band can definitely catch me front row singing the lyrics to this catchy, rock tune.

Look out for the release of “This Feeling” on 29th September.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Martin Clark says:

    One of my favourite new bands – excellent live too (seen them ten times this year).


    1. Letithappen says:

      They’re a good upcoming band :). You’re dedicated


    2. Isabella Proudfoot says:

      Thats amazing, I’m definitely hoping to see them live!


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