White Mystery TV Is The Answer To Your Gaming And Rocking Fantasies

Baby, Twitch is not just for gamers anymore, it’s for rock ‘n’ rollers.  On August 1, 2017, White Mystery launched their live stream, “White Mystery TV”.  This stream features guests from Jack Dolan and Cadien James of Twin Peaks, to Joseph Chilliams.  Viewers can expect interviews, gaming, and jamming in every episode.  With these guests and his stream can be held as the equivalent to every Chicago DIY fan’s wet dream, from a Riot Fest pass giveaway, to just watching your favorite musicians collaborate.  This show is an amazing piece to watch if you want to witness a great community of musicians, Francis Scott Key White states, “Our guests are local Chicago musicians that have a passion for jamming and gaming.”  What inspired this original idea?  He says, “The idea for White Mystery TV came from watching streams from the Fighting Game Community for the last three years.”

See the archive of early episodes with the Orwells, Twin Peaks, Show You Suck, Joseph Chilliams, Post Animal, and more on the White Mystery YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRdxupW7MTW17k5OLbkv75g

You can also follow White Mystery on the following links:





Images provided by White Mystery.


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