Maggie Rogers Releases ‘Split Stones’

Upcoming pop princess, Maggie Rogers has released ‘Split Stones’, the final piece of her diary before she takes well deserved time off to recuperate and return to writing and recording some new music, which will lead into the release of her first full length album.

The release of ‘Split Stones’ comes after a long and busy summer for Rogers, playing thousands and thousands of shows to millions of fans, the past few months have given her the chance to expand and develop both as an artist and a performer. Her debut EP ‘Now That The Light Is Fading’ caught the attention of many, including Pharrell, who was left speechless after stumbling across her first release ‘Alaska’. Rogers was quickly recognised as a key face for the future of music and has been set for huge future success as she pens more lyrics and releases more tracks into the world. In a chaotic industry, such as that of the music industry, its easy to feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of pop artists around, however, Maggie stands out with her own unique charm and style and has developed a band of eager and engaging fans ready to follow ever step of her future fame.


‘Split Stones’ is a glorious track which opens with synthesised sounds and the distant recordings of sharp crockery, this element adds to her unique style, making her tracks sound very organic and DIY, creating an undeniable aura and charm around Maggie. The track’s intro is fairly simple and stripped back, however, grows in a short amount of time with the addition of pianos and guitar as it extends into a chorus. There’s a dramatic build up as Maggie repeats words over and over to emphasise their purpose, the beat soon kicks in, allowing the track to explode into a sugary sweet, pop melody. The chorus lines are repeated many times during the track but it never once gets boring due to the busy melodic lines which run beneath it in perfect balance and harmony to her vocal line, the melody is euphoric, loud and sharp, just what you’d expect and demand from the future of pop.

Rogers’ vocals are golden and hold little weight as you listen, allowing you to easily concentrate on her and forget any current situations you may be in as she depicts various stories via her records. The lyricism is simple yet effective and have a sense of relatability and honesty running through them, emphasising Maggie’s skill as she creates honest songs from the heart for people to absorb and enjoy.


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