Meet our new partners – CLUBALBUM

We here at Let It Happen are always looking for new, and innovative people to hook up with and to tell the stories of music in different ways. This is why we are absolutely thrilled to welcome CLUBALBUM as our new parter!

CLUB ALBUM are Jay, Lewis, Aly, Mark, Ewan and Sam and deliver quality weekly podcasts covering 6 different albums of their choice. Their roundtable styled conversations are funny, intrieguing and the boys deliver a stack tonne of knowledge on albums they know and love.

The 6 guys cover albums ranging from old to new, talking about  the likes of Young Fathers, The Cure, Queens of Stone Age, Enter Shikari and Crystal Castles. Each week, they pit 6 different albums against each other, describing all kinds of factors on what makes the album good, and what makes the album bad.

This is a thrilling opportunity that we and CLUBALBUM are very excited about. We are looking forward to the future working with this top group of people.

You can check out their previous works on iTunes here, all podcasts are free to download so what are you waiting for! CLUB ALBUM also have a dedicated space on our website which you can find on the main menu.


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