Connor Schofield releases chilling single ‘Blood’

Connor, from JAWS is carrying on with his experimental persuit of electronica,  laced with chilling synths.  Back in August, Connor dropped his first experimental track ‘Sun Burns’ which had the same style and  eurora. His vocals drift off into echoes, which adds another slice of intrigue.

Working on his own, Connor has had time to reflect back on his life back in Birmingham and after moving to London his lyrics imitate the life in a larger and busier city. Connor’s experimental work isn’t a lot different from the music created by him and his band JAWS, it’s only softer – it contrasts with the comfortable sounds of ’17’ and ‘Cast’, off of their second album ‘Simplicity’. He has shifted some of his ideas from the band to create his own dark and solid project. In the mean time, we will sit here and wonder if an album is going to come from this. We hope so!


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