Pink Kink hit the studio for the first time with their new track “Bubblebutt”

Meet Pink Kink, a psychedelic fuelled gothic punk band known for their unforgettable live shows who recently hit the studio for the first time to record their new single Bubblebutt. It’s a fierce and fuzzy tune dedicated to everyday sexism, however loud or subtle it might be.

Just by taking a glimpse at their social media you can see the band are a little wacky and a little odd, each of the five members brings in a distinct aesthetic to the band, it’s a trait which carries over into their music to create a unique sound and an unforgettable image. The track opens up with a frightening two note bass line accompanied by clean percussion, quickly conflicted by sharp atmosphere drenched vocals and an explosive bridge drowning in fuzz.

While the comedic undertone of the song bleeds into the track through it’s bizarre lyrics and spooky synth riffs you can’t ignore the over arching theme of the track, it’s a song about the sickening ethos of everyday sexism and the struggle that woman go through.

With that in mind, Pink Kink is definitely a band to keep your eye on, their loud sound is sure to become a popular one and we can’t wait to see what this amazing collective will do next.

By Sam Harris

Feature image courtesy of the band’s Twitter.

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