Lola Lies releases his first EP ‘Leave’

In the depths of this EP, there are darker meanings and heartbreak intertwined. It’s not a rollercoaster of emotions though, its a big heap of despair that tells a slow and chilling story of a break-up. The EP consists of five songs. Brief, Leave, Skinny, Where Were You Today and Blame. There are no lyrics, only a small set of words in both Leave and Blame – that’s what makes the EP even more interesting, the fact it has no lyrics and no structure to it, it just flows – it’s not a record which will gain everyone’s attention because it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.. music without lyrics should be boring, but it’s not.

It’s magical and it has a unique streak to it which is compelling, relaxing and utterly beautiful, from start to end. I’m curious for the future of Lola Lies, lets hope lyrics get added… maybe.

Listen to ‘Leave’ below:


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