Dead Pretties, Castle Hotel 28.09.17

In possibly the darkest little venue of Manchester Dead Pretties played the debut gig of their tour.

I was among the approximate fifty capacity crowd which began to be wowed by the obscure Liverpudlian vibes of the support band support Pink Kink.

Despite the sniffly nose of frontman Jacob the band’s sound was enhanced with especially as during my favourite track – unreleased and titled ‘Teeth’. The precious pub echoed their raspy voices and gritty guitar tones through debut single ‘Social Experiment’. Of which, already has that familiarity of a classic to it. Their growing and become even greater as a live band, echoing the lyrics of the second single ‘Confidence’. From the intriguing bassline of bassist Oscar and delightful drumming of Ben, the cheeky catchphrase lyrics of Jacob juxtapose amazingly on top. They even went on to premiere their latest single ‘Water’, a slower one to start but pulls you into a quick change of clanging grunge guitar part.

They’ve been my band to watch for almost a year now and having done so, I eager to be yours too.

I got to capture some shots of their sweaty sublimity;

the full photo album.


Go listen to their latest single ‘Water’ here:

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