Yonaka – Heavy EP

Brighton based four piece Yonaka just released their debut EP “Heavy” and it’s a fierce one.

The debut features 15 minutes of raw vocals, explosive riffs, and an endless wave of fantastic electro influenced melodies. It’s also a major step up from their track “Wouldn’t wanna be ya” which I reviewed earlier this year. The band’s been on a well deserved road to success, setting up to play their biggest show supporting The Libertines in Brighton along with an impressive 31-date UK tour, including the Camden Assembly in London.

The EP opens up with “Bubblegum”, a head bopping banger chock full of catchy hooks and hard hitting riffs, and blended with the fierce vocals it quickly feels like one of the best tracks on the EP. The track has a powerful atmosphere that sums up Yonaka really well, they’re loud, ferocious and not to be ignored. Second song “run” showcases some of band’s grunge influences mixed with the best vocal performance on the EP, it’s stunning, for lack of a better word.

“All in my head” is a softer, more melodic track with emotional vocals and calm riffs, this was definitely the hardest track to get into, it’s self destructive themes felt hollow, despite the fiery instrumental side of the track all the rest just felt a little empty.

All of a sudden we’re hit with “Gods & Lovers”, a fast paced, 80’s vibe rock n roll tune, it’s heavy guitar tone and ear piercing percussion create a fierce atmosphere you can’t help but bop to, this penultimate track really showcases the variety that Yonaka produces in their music, from the themes to the music itself. Coming from “Gods & Lovers” into final track “heavy” feels like waking up after a rough night out, it’s calm yet cool, with soothing riffs and atmosphere drenched vocals, the vibe is dimmed down for this one, yet is just as hard hitting as the rest of the record.

Honestly, Yonaka are a phenomenal band, killing the alt pop scene and mercilessly destroying the competition with this breathtaking debut, it would be a huge mistake not keeping an eye of this group.  

Words by Sam Harris

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