Husky Loops bless the art rock scene with “Ep2”

Welcome to the nouveau world of London born three piece Husky Loops and their second EP appropriately titled “Ep2”. The abstract outfit consisting of Pier Danio Forni, Pietro Garrone and Tommaso Medica have emerged from the success of their first self titled EP to bring us 4 tracks filled to the brim with fresh beats, funky riffs and exciting vocals.

While each track is fairly varied the EP has a very modern funk atmosphere around it, just from hearing the summer soaked chord patterns in “Secret Matilda” and the fierce grooves in “Fading Out” it’s easy to argue that “Ep2” could be one of the hottest EP’s to drop in the indie scene for a while.

Tracks like “Re-Collect” spice up the EP with some ear piercing effects and trance like vocals, not to mention the drowsy guitar riffs and atmosphere drenched backing vocals, easily the most experimental track on the record. The contrasts between this and first track “Girl Who Wants to Travel the World” almost create a conflicting tone for the EP, it’s like the band wanted to draw you in with some funk infused vocals and summer rock riffs to then hit you with a wave of avant-garde ideas and tones.

The italian trio really seem to be pushing the limitations of the “art rock” scene with this EP, the way they twist and distort sounds in their music really challenge the conventions and we can’t wait to see what the band get up to next.

Words by Sam Harris


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