Opening up on a sweaty Saturday night in Cardiff, King Nun provided the crowd with a set jammed packed with heavy hitting tracks. The London-quartet are in the early stages of their musical rise and being a part of Dirty Hit will only propel them further into success. A debut album surely will be released next year which will see the band themselves on a headline tour and plastered all over the festival line ups. What’s not to love, their killer single ‘Hung Around’ is the band’s anthem and it is 3 minutes and 11 seconds of pure rage and teenage angst. Keep an eye on them!

Bloxx have recently been making a new for themselves with a support slot on Sundara Karma biggest tour to date and now heading out on a smaller tour with INHEAVEN. The band straight out of Uxbridge, London have racked up over 13,000 likes on Facebook and their latest single ‘Coke’ was premiered on Radio 1. The female fronted four piece band performed a indie pop set with songs such as ‘Coke’ and ‘Second Opinion’. The only direction for them is up and they will be at the major festivals next year and supporting more big named bands.

INHEAVEN finally came on to play their first ever gig in Cardiff. The crowd of roughly 100 was treated with and intro and then straight into ‘ Bitter Town’. The tour came hand in hand with the release of their debut album and of course they played majority of it. The four piece from London brought along their familiar red velvet backdrop and flowers to romanticize the settings.

James interacted with a fan named Callum and got the crowd chanting his name because Callum was talking about his relationship with his girlfriend. A romantic night for some. At times it was a weird night due to the size of the crowd and the age differences. The younger crowd were moshing at the front and the older ones stayed at the back or sat down. The band clearly interacted more with the younger crowd. This was evident when they played ‘Drift’ and ‘Meat Somebody’ when James got the crowd to have an all out dance and mosh. I do love it when a band interacts with the crowd and joins in.

‘Regeneration’ was obviously the highlight of the night as it is the band’s anthem and similar sounding to ‘ I Wanna Be Adored’ which is a British classic. The mosh did not stop until the end and the crowd sang the words back at James. It is clear that the quartet are winning over the hearts of the younger fans in the indie scene. Let’s hope Cardiff won’t have to wait long until they see INHEAVEN again. Upstairs would be better.


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