Premiering the exciting brand new single “Bambi” from The Family Chain

Brighton is blessing the U.K. music scene with some amazing bands and The Family Chain are no exception to that. They are a very new band who are releasing their equally as new single “Bambi”, after listening to the song I can predict good things ahead for these boys.

The song starts with a lonely set of chords on electric guitar accompanied by haunting and melancholy lead vocals, this quiet intro continues for the first minute of the song then in a surprise turn the chorus line “It must be easy for people like you” is abruptly cut off by a powerful sudden amplification wherein the music changes from being a simple melody to a layered complex story.

The single holds everything that a potential indie anthem could, a memorable chorus and seemingly meaningful lyrics paired with dramatic, dark and sulky instrumentals. If they continue along these lines the Brighton boys are bound to go places.

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