Ysgol Sul releases fantastic EP “Eventide”


Welsh trio Ysgol Sul recently released their first collection of English language songs in the EP “Eventide”, the band toy around with reverb soaked guitar riffs and wavy vocals, forming a dreamy atmosphere very reminiscent of The Smiths, especially with fantastic vocal performances on each track.

Opening song “Silhouette” is lead by unenthusiastic vocals and dreary hooks to create the atmosphere of an unfulfilled summer and a desperate sense of yearning. The track takes on a very exhausted tone, as if lead Lolo Jones’ time has been completely wasted.

The indie pop influences begin to bleed into the track through upbeat riffs and jittery percussion, features we’ve seen plenty of times before but never really get tired of, it plays a fantastic part in the track and seems to add a layer of depth that the track would suffer without. 

Listen to the EP here:

Words by Sam Harris





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