Trampolene’s debut album “Swansea to Hornsey” Review.

I could only describe this album as sobering (Ironic I know when taking into consideration the history surrounding the band also also the fact there’s an entire spoken word piece that talks about trying Ketamine.) and surprisingly relatable but in such a way that I can’t comprehend the depth to which I feel like I level with every word spoken. The album in it’s entirety fills my head with words to say and describe it however when it comes to writing them down I feel as if it’s impossible because they’d be a visual representation of what it means to be a young adult facing the world and all the struggles that come along with it, and for some reason I know that would be the most terrifying thing you ever read.

Jack Jones includes some spoken word pieces (Artwork Of Youth, Ketamine and Poundland) in the album, now being someone who studies acting full time I got very excited about this with having studied Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and also John Cooper Clarke. I found It’s impressive when someone is an excellent lyricist however even more so when they leave some of them raw and just speak poems.

Beautiful Pain is the perfect oxymoron to describe being in love as a young person and generally just being in love (In my opinion anyway). I also feel like the song follows this idea, it starts with a quiet two note guitar riff followed by the lyrics “You give me such a beautiful pain, God knows why I need it again.” and then just builds and builds as the lyrics get more positive and then it erupts into a burst of guitars and drums that I visualise as that moment when it’s been raining all day and then it suddenly becomes blindingly sunny and you’re just stood there completely blinded by this really phenomenal light.  It sounds specific but that’s honestly the first image to come into my head when listening to this song.

My two personal favourites on the album are “Already Older Than I Dreamed I’d Be”, a melancholy yet understandable track. I know I can’t imagine myself being older than 25 and I know many other young people in the same boat. But then it just explodes into a powerful guitar solo that shook me when I first heard it. And also “Blue Balls and a Broken Heart” despite the title it’s a sweet acoustically led tune that seems to contrast the electric and powerful tracks that are it’s counterparts.

Now we all have a track that is not our personal favourite on an album, for this album it’s “Alcohol Kiss”. It’s an energetic and angsty song however I just personally feel like the repetitive lyrics let the strong backing track down. The song was previously released back in 2014 so I feel like this song is a definite representation of the bands progress and the overall development of the poetic changes made by lead singer Jack Jones.

With “Swansea to Hornsey” being the debut album of Trampolene it’s almost certain that it’s going down in my books as one of the best ever compiled. It’s strong and shows clear value of where the band come and who they are but also acknowledges their journey and where they are now. (Hence the album title) All the wile remaining diverse with not only loud electric song but slow more emotional tracks and also spoken word poems.

It’s set to be released on the 27th of October 2017 so remember to mark it down on the calendar, you won’t want to miss out on this album. Trampolene are also touring with Liam Gallagher in November/December, if you managed to get tickets then do go early and support them they’re worth it.


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