New Luna release instant classic “Opinionated”


Here’s New Luna, a noisy rock band emerging from the alternative Manchester scene combining the likes of Radiohead, The Smashing Pumpkins and Joy Division to create a lush new sound brilliantly challenging the limitations of alternative dream pop and post indie conventions. Seriously, somebody get this three-piece outfit signed.

They recently released a brand new track titled Opinionated, a 4 minute instant classic lead by a dreamy atmosphere conflicting with summery pop punk like riffs, wavy vocals and a heavy rock fuelled bridge, the bands peculiar mix of styles leads to a fantastic vibe that really distinguish them from the constant flow of young new indie bands. What struck me the most were the lyrics to the track, eeri lines like “You sold your soul to bite through your tongue” create some amazing imagery that really sticks with you after the song is finished.

Do your music taste a favour and keep up with this band, anything they do next with be nothing short of creative brilliance, it’s easy to see that New Luna have a real natural flair when it comes to their music and we can’t wait to see where they take their unique vision next.

Listen here:

Words by Sam Harris


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