Boy Azooga releases debut track with new label Heavenly Recordings

Meet Boy Azooga, the Cardiff based dream pop outfit who recently got signed to Heavenly Recordings, and their brand new single “Face Behind Her Cigarette”.

The quartet’s new track is a psychedelic rollercoaster, with eerie guitar tones and echoing vocals feeding into a unique and wavy atmosphere, reminiscent of 70’s synth pop bands such as Hot Butter and funk artists like William Onyeabor. While it’s tropical percussion dominates the mix, each instrument and little detail feels bold, giving the song a completely free atmosphere.

Here’s what frontman and founder Davey Newington said about the track:

“This song is basically just a celebration (rip off) of the late great William Onyeabor. I wanted the percussion to be purposefully a bit too loud, maybe by the usual standard. Loads of Onyeabor’s percussion is blaring in the mix, but it makes it sound so live and feely. I wanted to create that feeling of being in the room where the music is being played.”

Along with the fantastic single, local filmmaker Toby Cameron directed a DIY intergalactic odyssey; it’s a freewheeling music video that perfectly captures the essence of the track, watch it here:

Words by Sam Harris

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