3 Tracks We Love From 3 Bands We Love

We here at LIH have always had a penchant for small bands, doing their own thing, making their own way into the industry and the ears of fans. We hold them close to our hearts and value their musical efforts highly.

This week we are showcasing three wonderful tracks from three wonderful bands who we love and believe are on their way to making it big within the alternative music scene.

Munchie Magic – Pink Kink

Lyrics revolving around sexual desire and junk food, it’s a filthy, fun, flirty track that immediately demands your attention. Their punchy, fun, surf inspired guitars licks will bring a smile onto your face and make you want to dance along. Their loud, shrieking vocals amplify the fun atmosphere within the track, hyping you up as you listen and adding to the records quirkiness on the whole. It’s a short and undeniably sweet track, gripping you from the very first second.


Hotel Lux – The Last Hangman

The Last Hangman is a dark, grimy track dedicated to Albert Pierrpoint, Britain’s final executioner. Lead singer, Lewis Duffin’s harsh yet clear spoken word’s clarity emphasises the power of the bleak, jarring lyricism, causing you to contemplate and consider them and learn about the man himself and his abominable actions. The guitar lines are short and snappy, amplifying the dramatic, intense atmosphere created within the track. The track is shocking and demands for your attention, dragging you from thinking of anything else and filling your mind with the desolate melancholy atmosphere.


The Orielles – Let Your Dog Tooth Grow

The Orielles return with a track ready to make you want to dance around your house Ferris Buller style. It’s fun, cheery and upbeat guitar melody complements the joyful, happy lyrics, its light and reminds you to be free and let go of any life worries. The chorus is blistering, blinding and exciting, displaying the bands sheer melodic skill. The break in the track further reveals this as they mix in synths, creating an intense atmosphere in which different guitar lines are played and build above each other, constructing the song, filling it and making it thicker in quality. Conflicting male and females voices sing alongside each other at moments within the track, their distorted quality sticks to the iconic sound of The Orielles we all know and love.


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