Swedish Death Candy releases fierce new single “Broken Engrams”

Upcoming psych rock legends Swedish Death Candy recently released their fierce single titled “Broken Engrams” in the build up to their debut self titled album poised to release on the 17th of this month, “Broken Engrams” garage rock and psychedelic blend pull influences from Black Sabbath and Queens of the Stone Age to create an enthralling atmosphere jam packed full of wacky space rock mixes and half time breakdowns that keep you on your toes all the way through the 4 minute trip.

And of course the album is no different, with the first three tracks “Last Dream”, “Broken Engrams” and “Love You Already” being ridiculously energetic and fast paced, to The Beatles style infused “Avalanche” chock full of trippy synths and reverb drowned vocals beautifully capturing the story of the track and aura around it, “Avalanche” is about saving people from an avalanche in the alps, an experience lead singer Louis Perry actually lived through.

Tracks like “When All is Gone” is a more of an American style classical rock track lead by a soothing riff and calm vocals, expertly crafted so that even amongst the chaos of the previous 4 tracks the song still fits perfectly in the adrenaline fuelled atmosphere.

“Liquorice”, a track from the band’s first ep, makes a return in the sequel track “Liquorice (parts 2 & 3)” in the final song of the debut, it’s the longest and definitely the most ambitious, and really sums up the band. It’s fiery riffs and atmosphere drenched soundscapes make the song feel more like an anthem than anything else, and will a eerie fade out ending the album it’s clear that Swedish Death Candy aren’t messing around.

Keep an eye on this group, the album is set to release on the 17th, and you can pre order it here – http://smarturl.it/SDC_Store

Words by Sam Harris, featured image courtesy of Neil Cooper.

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