Liam Deakin, guitarist of The Clause sits down with us to talk about success and The Pigeon Detectives

 From JAWS to Swim Deep, Birmingham is bursting with exciting and hot new bands – some old too but we can’t forget about the upcoming and as equally hard working bands who are trying to make something for themselves. Liam Deakin, the bassist of The Clause sat down with me to talk about the four piece and how life is “taking off” for them.

Their first single ‘Sixteen’ which I discovered about half a year ago was an angst – lad track in which I had a hunch they were going to be a band that lured in the football hooligans and lads who wear Adidas and trape into a Catfish and The Bottlemen gig, I was wrong. The Clause have been scouted to support Yorkshire’s finest, The Pigeon Detectives for their Birmingham tour date. “They listened to us and wanted us to play for them and it means so much to us as a band – even my mum is excited”. The Pigeon Detectives are an indie-rock band who formed in 2004, they have had successful careers and gone to sell out millions of records; playing alongside them must be very overwhelming and a little hectic for such a small band to be strumming at their guitars and beating the drums to such a large and extensive crowd.

Artists and bands always plan months ahead, even sometimes a year ahead due to tours, albums, and EP’s and The Clause have had to do that. “We were in the studio but it’s going to be knocked down – we’ve paid to start recording in another studio and I think it’s going to be the best and one of the biggest things we have done so far in terms of music and promotion”, because promotion is one of the most important things about getting a band out there, right? Watching bands have confidence as they grow is refreshing and uplifting because they know they aren’t there just yet and they know what pathways and improvements they need to take. The Clause will be recording their new EP soon.

I wanted to know who their influences are, bands who they really look up to and of course one of their favourite bands were The Pigeon Detectives, “I brought their very first album ‘Wait For Me’, I loved it and now look at us” Liam says. “We’re all into 60’s music, punk, Oasis, The Stone Roses and of course, The Twang. We all have different tastes and I think that’s why we come out with such noise and sometimes shit”. There’s now no label in their music, they mix many sounds together to make their music and that’s due to their own personal choices.

With much creativity and desire to carry on up their sleeves, they worry about disappearing off the face of the Earth and no one being able to enjoy their music, “we don’t want to fizzle away – we always want to change, try new things”. Bands like The 1975 have changed their persona and style from their debut and second album which was unexpected, but it kept them relevant. They were spoke about and the press and tabloids couldn’t get enough of them, of course The Clause don’t want to be arses and mix their sound up just to be like The 1975, they want to develop as a band and to connect. Being humble and kind is at the top of their list, “bands like Blossoms are so thankful for their fans – fuck the bands that are rude and don’t take time out for the fans, we don’t want to piss people around. No way”.  Thank God!

I asked Liam if he thought The Clause would ever crack America as fast as Oasis did – the biggest Britpop band in the world and he said “If we end up there, then we end up there, I won’t book a flight just yet!”. America is hard to crack, but if bands and artists do it then they will be successful without a doubt. The Clause are far from it though. They’ve improved and work still needs to be done to crack the UK. They have 10,224 monthly listeners on Spotify and lyrically they have come a long way to be reeling people in with their music. “Shut Me Out was something which was just a random indie tune, we weren’t arsed if it was good or not, we wanted to get our music out some way or another”. We get talking about their new tracks and they already want to take a new approach, “our new tunes are haunting – let’s call them moody tunes” …Sounds spooky.

It’s clear they have chemistry within the band, they all agree on what directions to take and intertwine their personal tastes, “We all like to work together and then that way we all love it at the end of it”. It seems that they look up to their drummer Niall Fennell, “he is an absolute genius, but when I fuck up on stage I can always feel his eyes burning in the back of my head…he hates it”. He’s a musical genius though!

I can’t help but wonder where these lads are going to go and how far they will take this to get where they want to go. With their “haunting and moody” tunes, let’s hope they don’t scare people away!

Photo credit: @ifoughtthelaur

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