King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard have finally announced their new album and its FREE

Notorious Aussie psych rockers King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have today shared details on their 4th album of 2017. ‘Polygondwanaland’ will be released for free on Friday 17th November, in three available formats (this is where it gets interesting).

The band have announced that because it is free, there will be three different formats for the album. An MP3 format which will allow you to download the album onto your phones and listen wherever or whenever you want, a DDP master format which allows you to download a high quality format which includes the tracklist, ISRC codes & metadata needed for the CD.

For vinyl lovers, the band seem to be encouraging fans to begin their own record labels and have them press the new album on vinyl themselves….

“The vinyl master is a completely seperate master to CD & Digital masters. There are physical limitations to what the head of the lathe can produce when cutting vinyl. For this reason these files will not sound normal on generic Hi Fi speakers. Only use this master if you wanna press vinyl. It will contain a Side A and a Side B WAV file as well as a PQ log for both sides with metadata for the pressing plant. In this .ZIP file you will also find a record cover template and a folder full of artwork ideas you can use to make your own back cover, spine and inner sleeve.”

“Ever wanted to start your own record label? GO for it! Employ your mates, press wax, pack boxes.”

“We do not own this record. You do. Go forth, share, enjoy.”

This is a completely game changing way to market the album. The band have placed the album into the hands of their fans and encouraged them to hare, manipulate, and do whatever the heck they want with it and i am all in favour.

If you are looking to purchase a vinyl copy, a record label from Bristol called ‘StolenBody Records’ have already begun pre orders of a vinyl pressing, however be quick! theres 250 copies!! The record will be made on Ogre green vinyl (transparent) with blood red, toxic yellow, blue and black splatters.

You can pre order ‘Polygondwanaland’ from StolenBody here: 

You can read more about ‘Polygondwanaland’ on the bands Facebook page here: 

King Gizzard have also announced some pretty huge dates in the UK for early next year. The band will be playing:


Words by Piran Aston

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