Northern Exposure Presents Musicians Against Homelessness Ft Cabbage, Trampolene, Sisteray & Sheafs

Homelessness is a growing problem in Britain with increasing numbers of people being forced to live on the streets. The lack of funding by local councils and cuts by the government forces thousands to face being without shelter this upcoming harsh winter. This inspired the Musicians Against Homelessness effort which saw Cabbage, Trampolene, Sheafs and Sisteray put on a gig, at Leadmill in Sheffield, to raise money for charity.
Sisteray kicked off the night, bringing with them a large crowd whom enthusiastically belted out their punk politically conscious tunes. Their impressive EP, released this year, sounded even better live adding an edgy and raw sound that a studio couldn’t capture. Next up was Sheffield’s excitable young band, Sheafs. Despite coming on at 8:15, they had the biggest crowd of the night and they did not disappoint it. Their energetic performance and ability to harness their big crowd changed my previous perception of them, which has now led me to place them in the deepest chamber of my mind labelled ‘ones to watch’. Anyone in that crowd, with ears, would pinpoint my personal highlight as there’s too as Sheafs finished with ‘This is Not a Protest’. With an annoyingly infectious chorus and strong guitar riffs, the boys knew this would imprint an impression on everyone’s memories of the night, when they left.
Music Against Homelessness have put on gigs and festivals featuring more than 500 bands and artists. Its aim is to raise much-needed funds for homeless charities and to provide gig opportunities for up-and-coming bands. Endorsed by Alan Mcgee, the campaign continues to grow and develop into an important institution.
A small interlude and the crowd dispersed quickly. By the time Trampolene had emerged, I’m sure it had halved. Fools. Trampolene were the most exciting act of the night which was plagued with problems for them. Jack Jones emerged with complaints of a broken guitar, which was no surprise to me towards the end of the set when he threw his guitar into the crowd and walked off stage. However, before this, the set was doomed, and he prepared for a poetry set; belting out the words to ‘Ketamine’, that everyone screamed back. Every time I have seen Trampolene live, they have been intriguing to watch. Jack donned a Hi-Vis jacket on stage and as soon as whimper of noise came from the guitar hallway through the poem, he jumped into action and the halved crowd suddenly retained its people. Performing songs from the album ‘Swansea to Hornsey’, accompanied by T. Rex-style guitar riffs and Pete Doherty-style stage presence, Trampolene left the headline act with a drilled-up and drenched crowd- half beer, half sweat.
That headline act was Cabbage who have had a successful year in terms of their exposure and continuing hype. Their setlist was filled with fan favourites but also newer testers which delighted the crowd no less. Previous inhabitants to the ‘ones to watch’ chamber in my mind, Cabbage put on a good show and proved their worthiness to headline this night. From the Start, with track ‘Kevin’, and the end, with ‘Uber Capitalist Death Trade’, they provided the restless crowd with the mosh pits and the heavy tunes that they wanted. They also proved their growing reputation as a well-practiced and excellent live band, keeping the crowd engaged throughout.
Music Against Homelessness’ chosen charity, this year to support, is Crisis; where you can donate at:

Words by Jack Wager.


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