Save The Bees​ are coming out of their hive

Savethebees1Photograph curtesy of @SaveTheBees____ instagram page 

Newcastle indie rock n roll band Save The Bees gave us a look at their newest song ‘The Visit’, a moody and dark yet driven release that is the cover song of their first EP. The boys have been building up a loyal fan base in their hometown of Newcastle, and are now looking to broaden their horizons with this new EP that debuted earlier today on Spotify, along with other tracks ‘Aye for an Eye’, ‘L.A.’ and ‘The Weekend Rockstars’. 

‘The Visit’ is a conventional indie rock ‘moody song’ with melancholy vibes created by the driving force of the etchy lead guitar that gives off a gritty and raw feel. The vocals are remorseful and relaxed for most of the song, they accompany the deep chords seamlessly. When the chorus kicks in, the mix of pace and new attitude gives an emotional thrust that injects the song with a fresh mood, emphasised by the cutting guitar solo that follows.

It has the right amount of contrast to the other songs on the EP that are seemingly more upbeat. The band state that they draw influences from indie rock classics “Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Pulp”, although there are hints of these reminiscing in ‘The Visit’ I would say these influences are much more prominent in the other songs of the EP. Namely, in the song ‘Aye for an Eye’ we can see the clear Oasis vocal and guitar styles adopted in a new manner, furthermore ‘L.A’ and ‘The Weekend Rockstars’ are very resonant of the early 2000 styles of the Arctic Monkeys.

The band members include Cameron Scott on vocals and lead guitar, Alex Duerden on rhythm guitar, Jack Young on bass guitar and Miles Kearvell on the drums.

Save The Bees aim to “rejuvenate guitar music with catchy riffs and cheeky lyrics” and if that sounds good to you, you can catch them in Newcastle where they perform gigs fairly regularly which they advertise on their Instagram and Twitter pages, both named @SaveTheBees____ .

You can listen to their EP now on;

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