Tame Impala – Currents B-Sides & Remixes

Since Currents came out in summer 2015 Kevin Parker’s Project Tame Impala have been smashing it. They’ve played the Sunset slot at Glastonbury 2016, won a Grammy for Best Alternative Album, and not to mention playing sold out shows all round the world, including a UK Arena tour. Now this year, Tame have been quiet until about a month ago when a video was uploaded to YouTube from Feb 2014 of Kevin in his studio jamming out one of the B-sides from Currents. The video teasing: ‘Currents B-Sides and Remixes’ was scheduled to come out 17th November.

The EP consists of five slow, melodic psych-pop tracks (two of them are remixes). Each track is built from groovy bass lines, funky but steady drum beats and then obviously Parker’s many synths. However, there’s not that much guitar playing on the songs, it’s mainly just synths.

In the opener ‘List Of People (To Try And Forget About)’, Parker sings about losing someone he loves and how he tries to forget and act like he’s not down about it. This is a dance-able, catchy song with a nice hook. The effects on Parker’s voice in the ending create some smooth sounding vocals, and the synths used in this part sound very gospel and choir like. The last part of the song is definitely supposed to make you feel like you’re floating through the air or something.

Track 2: ‘Powerlines’ starts out with a washed out, dreamy melody and then a thumping bass riff. As the drums slowly come in, and other sounds are thrown into the mix, the song builds nicely and leads itself into other parts of the song. Although there are no vocals on this track, it’s still very dynamic as it has a lot of different things going on in it. At the start of the song you can hear the Parker’s metronome. I thought this was interesting as it links to the teaser video which gives fans of Tame more of an insight into how Parker works and produces this material. Near the end of the song you can also hear him sip his drink… (Watch the video if you haven’t already it’s amazing).

‘Taxis Here’ is the final original track and is a very nostalgic one. Some of the lyrics, mainly in the ending, seem to be about doubting and believing. This makes an interesting story as these two aspects are contrasting. This song is probably my favourite on the EP. It’s quite reserved and tense throughout, but turns into a nice slow jam when it picks up more. It also has some nice, mellow guitar licks in the background. The lyrics at the end, paired with some classic Tame impala drumming makes for an epic ending. Maybe this track would’ve been a good album closer for Currents.

Jay Watson as ‘Gum’ appears on the album remixing ‘Reality In Motion’. You can tell it’s him on it as the remix is so weird and quirky. What he’s done to the song is great, it sounds like a completely new one. It has some funky keyboard playing on it, and some swirling synth sounds. The second remix is Soulwax’s of Let It Happen. This one was actually released in September 2015, and I’m so glad it made it onto the EP as it’s such a big tune. Let It Happen was groovy enough, somehow Soulwax have made it groovier.

This EP has just got me more excited for Kevin Parker to make us another album, I really do hope it comes soon. Listen to The EP if you haven’t already. Its mad to think how big Tame Impala could get after the next album. Will they be future festival headliners? Only time will tell.

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Featured image by Noel Vasquez/FilmMagic

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