Wolf Alice @ The Dome, Brighton

Slowly, the lights faded away. Wolf Alice took their place on stage and commenced, what was going to be an incredible night, with Heavenward. Ellie Rowsell’s angelic voice floated delicately throughout the song. In contrast to the heavenly opening song, the audience was suddenly thrown into a whirling mosh pit as Yuk Foo began. The entire audience shrieked along to every single lyric. St Purple & Green was later played. The visuals paired with the glowing green & purple tones filled the room beautifully.

Further down the set came fan-favourite, Silk. The belowing audience could almost overpower Wolf Alice. Two songs later came Formidable Cool.


Finally came the iconic Moaning Lisa Smile. Thunderous guitars thrashed along to the melody. The audience fell into a sweaty pit. Rowsell danced around the stage, singing to the crowd. Visions Of A Like was then played, followed by Fluffy. Wolf Alice exited the stage. Immediately the demands of encore began.

Returning to the stage, they started the encore with Blush. Lights faded to a soft pink hue. Blush live was a truly beautiful experience that night. The set ended with Giant Peach as Rowsell threw herself into the crowd on the final lyrics.


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