FUR – “If You Know That I’m Lonely” video

Brighton quintet Fur returned on Monday following a string of hometown and London shows and they’re brilliant. After slight delays, they dropped the tune revealed to have been recorded as part of this year’s Jager Curtain Call at Tileyard Studios. Warm and playful, “If You Know That I’m Lonely” feels like it comes straight from the 60’s right into my appreciative earholes. Hazy organs fill out a shimmying mix of happy-go-lucky guitar tones; wistful lyrics come together to make something entirely in keeping with the band’s style whilst still basking in that elusively sugary replayability. Complete with a suitably nostalgic video that serves as an excellent Wes Anderson pastiche remaining beautiful in its own right, the whole thing comes together as a jangling, crooning, stylised treat.

Firmly at home writing their moody love songs, Fur hold their futures in the palms of their hands as it’s clear that with their abilities they can go anywhere.

Words by Bel Valerio.


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