Calva Louise tackle identity crisis in “Getting Closer” music video

This three piece outfit is currently being labelled as one of, if not the best indie band of 2017, meet Calva Louise, the London based and fairly new band killing it in the scene.

So they’ve just released a blistering new single titled “Getting Closer”, and no less than 20 seconds into the track you’ll realise what The Metro meant when they described the band’s music as “insanely infectious”

The track is all about the identity crisis young adults go through where they have to decide if they’ll be the person they dream of being or just another cog in the machine, and it’s perfectly realised through conflicting summer pop riffs and aggressive head rocking screams united through a dreamy atmosphere, especially with the “running away” theme of the bridge and the ear-piercing screeches of the outro, it’s definitely a tune you have to hear.

There’s still a chance to catch this amazing clash of instruments live, they’ll be at The Water Rats (London) on December 2nd and The Monarch (London) on December 21st, mark your calendars.

Sam Harris

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