Wolf Alice set the bar blazing with their intimate gig

On 23rd November, Wolf Alice returned to Kingston for two small shows at The Hippodrome. Thankfully, I was able to attend the early under 18’s set.

The crowd came to life as the opening for Don’t Delete The Kisses began. The audience screamed the words, alongside Ellie Rowsell’s heavenly voice. A couple songs later came White Leather. It was incredible to hear the beautiful yet bittersweet song live. The delicate yet distinct chords floated perfectly throughout the song.

Next came You’re A Germ. Immediately, the powerful track woke the audience up from the previous slow songs. Ecstatic energy buzzed between the band and the audience.

Wolf Alice concluded their set with Moaning Lisa Smile. The audience was hurled forwards as soon as the opening chords began. Thrashing instruments filled the venue. Rowsell, standing on the barrier, sang to the excited crowd.

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