Peace make their long-awaited return with surprise, new single ‘From Under Liquid Glass’

Just in time for the weekend, B-town giants, Peace are back and have shared new track, ‘From Under Liquid Glass‘, in support of mental health awareness charity ‘MQ’.

The single is presumed to be a one-off track, yet doesn’t hesitate to showcase a refreshingly massive side of the band that has yet to be seen of the indie-pop outfit. The song comes as the band first new material since 2015’s ‘Happy People’.

The track shows Peace at their most atmospheric and honest to date, with lyrics such as: “scared to face the music alone, in my big fucking mental head” and “everybody’s changing, blooming, and moving on” really encompassing the message the track and MQ are aiming too push. MQ are running a ‘We Swear’ campaign in which celebrities snap themselves giving mental health the birdie alongside the caption: “It’s time we give a f*ck about mental illness in young people“. Be sure to take yourself over  to the MQ website to find out more. It’s great to see mental health awareness beginning to take a strong standpoint in the music industry.

Taking a different tone to their previous efforts, ‘From Under Liquid Glass‘ comes as a refreshing new direction for the Birmingham band, and a direction that I think makes perfect sense. If this track is anything to go by, Peace are set for their biggest year yet in 2018. Their newly-inhabited bold, scream at the top of your lungs sound is undoubtedly set to take the boys to all new heights, deservedly.

Listen below:

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Words by Ben Davies

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