The Moonlandingz @100 Club for Fred Perry Subculture- 6/12/17

The Moonlandingz have quickly gained popularity since forming in 2015, probably something to do with the fact that crazy frontman Lias Saoudi from Fat White Family and members of Eccentric Research Council form it. On Wednesday they brought their antics to the iconic London venue The 100 club for another Fred Perry Subculture gig.

Fred Perry Subculture celebrates the more underground end of the music scene. One of the most favoured aspects of these shows is the variety of people within the crowd, ranging from rowdy teens to adults going for a dance, who were all lucky enough to get one of the very limited public tickets.

Opening with ‘Vessels’ from their debut album ‘Interplanetary Class Classics’, the Moonlandingz were quick to get the crowd moshing about, and it was instantly evident why the hype around this band is so huge. A crowd surfer, wearing a leather jacket which must’ve hurt if it hit anyone’s face, was thrown in the air then quickly dropped back down as the crowd focused on jumping and shouting the lyrics back to Lias.

Second track ‘Black Hanz’ has a jazzy, almost musical-esque vibe to begin, as if Lias should emerge onto the stage from some shimmer curtains. However the clear beat that is a common feature in most Moonlandingz songs shines through and the venue is bouncing in time, screaming “Black Hanz, do it again” in eachother’s faces with deeply sought passion.

The energy intensified as ‘Neuf du Pape’ followed, where the demonic undertones sent the crowd even more fera, I.D.S saw Lias pour his red wine over the crowd, and he even sang us a line of “Why does it always rain on me?” by Travis.

‘Sweet Saturn Mine’, the band’s most streamed song, gaining over 322,430 listens on Spotify, kicked off as the instantly recognisable spacey synth kicked in. Endless crowd surfers were hoisted into the air, including the person in the leather jacket who had now surfed a total of 7 times throughout the night. The whole venue was bouncing.

A highlight of the night for many was ‘The Strangle of Anna’, the recorded version of which features Rebecca Taylor from Eccentric Research Council’ as the venue calmed for a second (much to the joy of the exhausted moshers) and groups linked arms and swayed from side to side singing the melody; it was strangely beautiful.

The Moonlandingz ended the night with ‘Man in me lyfe’, one of their oldest songs from OG ep ‘The Moonalndingz’. Everyone reached into the air and joined in with one last scream and one last second of madness of the night on the final drop and it was the most fitting end to a Moonlandingz gig imaginable, as the band stated they weren’t to do an encore.

If you’re a fan of the likes of Fat White Family, Yak, or just good music and a fun time, definitely check out The Moonlandingz and catch them at one of their electric shows.

Thanks to the Fred Perry Subculture team for helping us out once again.


1.       Vessels

2.       Black Hanz

3.       Neuf du Pape

4.       I.D.S

5.       Sweet Saturn Mine

6.       The Strangle of Anna

7.       The Rabies are back

8.       Glory Hole

9.       Lufthansa Man

10.    Lay Yer Head Down In The Road

11.    Man In Me Lyfe

Words by Georgia Essex.

Feature image courtesy of Fred Perry Subculture exclusive gallery: Here

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