Lazy Bones new single ‘Snake’: Better Watch Out!

Punchy alt-rock trio from Brighton ‘Lazy Bones’ released their second single ‘Snake’ on 8th December. Snakes’ fiery attitude creates a whole new genre for the three, as if they have taken noise-pop to a whole new level and amplified it by a hundred. Supported by female fronted vocals, the single is nothing but catchy and energetic. Evidently influenced by big British sounds such as Sex Pistols and Black Sabbath, Lazy Bones are the next artists you should be looking for if you’re into a rush of rock.

Candi, Joe and Sam sculptured Snake with all elements of instruments. Included in the single was a funky bass, an organ and a set of drums – and it sounds amazing! The angry vocals emphasise the adrenaline they deliver. Presumably, this is matched with their gigs; full of rowdy (in the best way) crowds and moshpits. Paired with Deaf Ray records, the trio are setting themselves up for the next year with a set of gigs to play (shown below).

As for the video, it’s packed with a pop of bright colours and screens of fun fonts screaming the lyrics from TVs. Clips of the trio and their instruments are merged and makes a retro punk creation.

Next year, hopefully there is more to come from the three and their bursts of outrage. Better watch out!

Live Dates:
22nd Dec – Sticky Mikes Frog Bar – Brighton (Bitch Craft)
6th Feb – The Prince Albert – Brighton w/ DEAD!

You can find ‘Snake’ by Lazy Bones here: 



By Robyn Crowther x

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