Indoor Pets Allowed Out

“We’re a brand new band called Indoor Pets” frontman Jamie Glass jokes early in the set tonight, addressing the bands recent name change (they were formally known as Get Inuit) with the humour many expected.

Indoor Pets’ live birth is taking place at Dork’s Christmas party and as first gigs go it’s a pretty good one, if you can call it that.  Fur started off the night with their laid-back style of surf pop and were shortly followed by King Nun, an exciting young band with punk-tinged riffs who truly got the crowd going.

Indoor Pets started off their nine song set with two old fan favourites, Mean Heart and Electrify, the grungey feel of the latter felt particularly appropriate for the small sweaty room which is upstairs at The Old Blue Last. Most recent single All My Friends follows but it isn’t until a few songs later when Teriyaki hits that the pit truly opens up and both fans and band let loose with the pit growing and Glass showcasing his now infamous dance moves. Barbiturates is up next and sparks another furious reaction from the audience and showcases the excellent frontman capabilities of Glass, pausing just before the drop to have a chat only seems to make the next chorus even more powerful. Pro Procrastinator gets a similar reaction and seamlessly morphs into a cover of ‘s Christmas Time by The Darkness to make sure everyone is in the festive spirit.

Tonight may have been the start of a new era for Glass and gang but they showed what they have been stressing ever since the name change, the songs are the same, the band are the same and the live spectacle is the same. Having to change your name might hold many bands back but Indoor Pets seem determined to show that they’re going to keep growing.


Words by Alex Whitmore

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