Parish Wow With Their Latest EP.

Earlier this month, Cardiff based band Parish released their official debut single, ‘Might As Well Tell Her Now’. It’s an exciting release from the band and displays them as a strong, talented collective despite their young age and experience. It is undeniable what Parish have served up here is anything but pure fun and enjoyment encapsulated within 2 tracks. It displays the band at an immediate high point and places them on a path for future success.

‘Might As Well Tell Her Now”s  sparky, bright into places you directly within the fast paced, energetic track. The bittersweet lyrics are sung by sharp, short and sweet vocals which add to the cutting nature of the lyrics and reinforce the topic, despite the level of dissonance across the track the lyrics remain easily recognisable and understandable. It’s clear to see the band haven’t scrimped on this recording and want to perform to the best quality possible.

‘Spider’ is as equally joyful, bright and bright as the prior track and from the first listen its easy to tell this band wear their inspirations on their sleeves, it’s a track laced with fellow indie bands but this doesn’t deter from the track, it makes the band easy to connect to and makes you want to add them to your Spotify playlist as they’ll blend in easily to all your listening. It’s a short yet bouncy track, the intro blending in perfect formation and bringing about guitar layers before the raw vocals join in, adding texture to the track.

There’s no doubting the quality of this strong debut from Parish and those around the Cardiff music scene are excited to see their development in the coming years.


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