News on Table Scraps’ new album “Autonomy”

Table Scraps are a Birmingham based three piece outfit pushing the limitations of the twisted garage punk scene, and with their homemade approach to music already creating a strong and unique punk flavor it’s no doubt they’re beginning to make waves in the industry having already featuring on Viceland, BBC 6, Radio X, and receiving support from Huw Stephens on Radio 1 along with having their single “Electricity” picked for an upcoming Adidas campaign.

The band have just announced their new album “Autonomy” will be releasing on the the 23rd of February through Zen Ten, and have treated fans to an early single titled “Sick of me”

On the song, guitarist Scott Vincent Abbott of the band has said “’Sick of Me’ is about when friendships stagnate and minor annoyance gives way to mouldering resentment. Then juxtapose that feeling on top of a jangly sunshine pop backdrop (or as close to that as we ever get!). The echo of our breeze block 5m x 5m (and very un-soundproofed) room also perfectly suited the track’s claustrophobic feel. It’s dedicated to everyone just about keeping a lid on telling that one person how you really feel and cutting them loose.”

Easily one of the lightest tracks in their discography, “Sick of me” showcases the band’s ability to create calmer chord progressions and softer percussion while still maintaining that hazy balance between traditional and modern punk music, the raucous vocals feel out of place and perfectly fit at the same time, echoing guitar notes drown the track in a fierce atmosphere that really shines when it comes to the frantic solo.

Listen to the track here:

The album truly holds its own against the incoming wave of upcoming garage punk bands in Britain, “Autonomy” at times feels like it belongs on a skate soundtrack, or a perfectly scored fight scene for a film, while still maintaining an intriguing message for each track.

Songs like “I’m a failure” and “Takin’ out the trash” will provide those classic, twisted rock n roll vibe while tracks like “Lyin’ thru yer teeth” injects some much needed nuance into the album that keeps the explosive atmosphere from burning out. “My obsession” also adds this unsettling, trippy layer to the album that really keeps you listening. For the most part however, you’ll be sitting through half an hour of punk perfection, radiated by all of punks flaws.

Words by Sam Harris, featured image by Meg Lavender.


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