Alex Tracey – ‘Crazy’ Single Review

Since the rise to fame of The 1975, we have truly entered the era of pop-infused indie. Alex Tracey’s latest single ‘Crazy’ truly fits into this mould.

Although the actual words Tracey sings aren’t particularly original or intellectually challenging the emotion his voice portrays is what stops this synth-heavy pop track from falling into the ever growing pile of drivel which seems to be being pumped out at an alarming rate these days. The main melody is catchy and the guitar solo towards the end of ‘Crazy’, although initially surprising, manages to fit in with the rest of the song and the subtle addition of a synth to back it up adds a little more character to a song that has the potential to get a little repetitive.

‘Crazy’ is full of the indie pop staples that will presumably litter festival stages this like they have since approximately 2012. 80’s inspired synths are layered underneath a jagged, clean, funk inspired guitar sound which is punctuated by a staccato drum beat with a snare heavily filled with reverb and the entry of Tracey’s falsetto to show off his credentials as a Matty Healey wannabe.

None of this is said to put down Tracey’s talents. He is undoubtedly a very talented songwriter and every part of ‘Crazy’ is well written and well performed. I’m just starting to wonder how many more versions of The 1975 and Maroon 5 can exist. Tracey is a talent and I think it’s a shame that this is the era his music will be heard. My frustration is not with this song or artist in particular but with the current wave of hundreds of artists who unfortunately are all trying to compete in a genre that does not allow for much variation.

Live Dates:

Camden Assembly, London – 11/01/18

Jimmy’s, Manchester – 23/01/18

Hi-Fi Club, Leeds – 26/01/18


Words by Alex Whitmore

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