Live Review: Yung Lean, The Albert Hall, Manchester 13/12/17 ★★★★

Ikea, Abba and SAAB. Arguably Sweden’s greatest exports. But add to that list, the ever evolving, cult king Yung Lean. Lean’s evolution has become all the more apparent, he is no longer the green screen, ice tea, meme machine he once was. He is now a justified, melody making artist, and this is most apparent in his live shows.

Looking like the coolest flasher at the park, Lean clambers on stage, wearing a large trench coat as billowing smoke appears behind him, as if some rouge vape teens had snuck backstage. In Today’s urban world it isn’t often you see a rapper take to stage looking like inspector gadget, but that truly does reflect what lean is all about. He isn’t like the rest.

The crowd is so diverse, a puddle of subcultures all clambered into one old church. From Teens wearing Slipknot merch ironically, to Adults wearing it as fans. The obvious supreme hype stains making sure their vodka redbulls don’t spill onto their one of six super duper, rare t-shirts; that you can’t buy in stores.

I’d mentioned previously on leans smoke show. But it deserves serious praise. The lighting and smoke worked so well with his outfit and i really cannot praise it enough. During the song “Miami Ultra’s” it became apparent that this production was serious, and these songs ,that some may laugh at, are actually great testaments to our culture.

You can tell he wants to ditch his past, and focus on the future, which can be good. But i feel that although it isn’t critically prefered Lean should include more of his earlier hits into his set. The quick 10 minute mix of all of his Arizona hits was good, but left the crowd wanting more.

Stand out songs were definitely Miami Ultras, Red Bottom Sky, Hurt and Afghanistan. But the flow of the whole set felt seamless and flowed like a silk pyjamas.

The sound was great, crowd control was commendable and i can only feel him becoming bigger and bigger.


Words by Leon Shaw.



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