Amsterdam by Spilt Milk Society. Review

Spilt Milk Society’s new single ‘Amsterdam’ is a fresh and funky tune rooted with a constant deep bass line that is certain to shake your brain.

Automatically I was getting tropical party vibes from the track as the introductory bars sports a powerful guitar riff and an underlying percussion rhythm that keeps the pace at an energetic yet steady beat. This song would be the perfect tune to play when you first enter a party or an event and there’s a buzz in the air as everyone is excited for what the night has in store.

In comparison to other songs released by Spilt Milk Society, Amsterdam has a more solid beat and while still accompanied by the bands’ ‘British indie boy band’ vocals (which seem to be ever so popular in the British alternative music scene at the moment) the song is more energetic and upbeat in contrast to their more melancholy track ‘She Tastes Like Summer’ which was also released in 2017.

So if you’re into bands like Sundara Karma or High Tyde then I would definitely recommend giving these boys a listen. You can hear ‘Amsterdam’ here


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