‘Egg and Soldiers’ – The latest single from off the wall singer songwriter; Cosmo Sheldrake

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Cosmo Sheldrake, has kicked off the New Year by releasing the latest single ‘Egg and Soldiers’ from his upcoming record ‘The Much Much How How and I’, released April 6th through Trangressive Records.

This was my first encounter with Sheldrake’s work, and before even hearing the track I was intrigued by his name and the warm hearted sentiment of the singles title, bringing back memories that harked back to being a little kid and enjoying nothing more than a boiled egg and toast for breakfast. Although after my initial listen of the track, these feelings of comfort and nostalgia were swept away by the oddball nature of Sheldrake’s music. ‘Egg and Soldiers’ is the type of song that proves difficult to pigeonhole. It’s somewhat comparable to contemporary experimental acts in the mainstream such as Alt-J, as well as sharing sounds with groups like Everything Everything. But to me this track lacked the hooky nature and catchy edge that those similar artists have honed so well. ‘Eggs and Soldiers’ is an interesting listen to say the least, but left me feeling unsatisfied. The slightly offbeat feeling beats and bass lines that accompany Sheldrake’s Bombay Bicycle Club-esque vocal approach feels awkward and clunky.

Though this track may appeal to fans of the current left field and electronic indie mainstream, it didn’t sit well with me and after numerous attempts at trying to click with ‘Egg and Soldiers’ I decided something else for breakfast might be preferable.


Words by Gavin Owen

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