SHAME and their debut; SONGS OF PRAISE.

Finally gracing us with a physically listenable body of music, Shame have released their debut album Songs Of Praise and we shall sing along as titled.

The brutal brilliance of this band live has been something more than enough to fulfill any, their excellent energies and ability to pump up a crowd is incredible for a band who’ve only just emerged. but they’ve actually had a lot of practice having been playing for years as friends back in London. In comparison to their live sound though, my initial listen of the album found it to have a dark, fuzzier feel to their live sound, which keeps the live side a separate surprise to experience. Charlie’s voice still poignant above the melody, sharp but with a smoother flowing sense rather than the sharpest rasp of his live performing voice.

Immediately to some, their recognisable richness in ‘Dust On Trial’ is a draw into the album, starting off slow and then that sustainable build of ‘oomph’ that Shame are known for doing.

‘Concrete sets the beginning of the album, second song in, adrenaline is already pumped into our ears with the quick and quirky churn of music.

 In style of Concrete…




The solidity of their stance as a band definitely comes across as their sound is something staple, it radiates riotous remedies of songwriting through the likes of, Shame classics already, ‘Gold Hole’ and ‘The Lick’.

Droning daze continues throughout ‘Friction’ with backing vocals underlying the questioning lyricism met with a triggering twang end of guitar. Introduced then is an almost whispered, chatter-y chant of ‘Lampoon’.

Along with a newer listen to the rawer delight of ‘Donk’, a magical moment as Shame messily create a mesmerisation with squealing words and sounds beneath a dirtier, heavier sound.

No missing of the hard haze of tracks like closing track ‘Angie’ and single ‘One Rizla’.

Separately, notes of having that emotive intention to relate through the lyricism, ‘I’m not much to look at, I ain’t much to hear’. ‘One Rizla’, the third officially released single is one that repetitively reels out chimes of guitar and builds until its broken towards the end with front-man Charlie shouting ‘you’ll clinging to conflict’ like some sympathetic blame finger is pointed but no bad vibes are spread. Not by this band.

‘Tasteless’ does not feature as it is named, it’s flavour specialises in exactly what Shame’s mood are about. Sensuously grabbing you with brilliant riffs and lyricism that is too good not to bash out a forceful frenzy out to.

The album is refreshing.

A refreshing comfort.

Songs of praise is to thank for the revival of music.

As shame are the sense of spirit we’ve all been craving, we’ve been spoiled…I stand by my comment very strongly, not that it was doubted.

Having seen their mini release gig and signing at Bristol’s newly opened Rough Trade record store, the packed out place of people said it all. As quite literally push came to shove, it proved everything I have been trying to explain of the most exciting band right now. They played everyone a taster of the album and let us chill pleasantly afterwards. They are personally sublime and sound people, a reflection in the statement given of their album and shows them even more deserving of appraisal.

Shame, shame, that is the name.

The list of hymns:

  1. Dust On Trial
  2. Concrete
  3. One Rizla
  4. The Lick
  5. Tasteless
  6. Donk
  7. Gold Hole
  8. Friction
  9. Lampoon
  10. Angie

             SONGS OF PRAISE –

*more than available* to listen to now via streaming or physical ownership.

ALSO, you will want to check if they’re touring near you in April…

Shame, shame, that is the name.


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